Solar Inverters

Since late 2011, Variosystems has had the distribution rights for Switzerland and Italy for all Sunways products. Moreover, we are also able to offer modules produced in Asia. We supply prime contractors, resellers, buying syndicates and large fitting companies with high-grade products for ecological electrical power generation.

Solarinverter made in Switzerland 

  • production of NT-series
  • "All-in-one": off the shelf configuration with the latest communication capabilities
  • integrated DC load break switch
  • highly efficient MPP-Tracking
  • efficient HERIC®-topology
  • Europe wide applicable
  • 5 years warranty
  • all equipments are in compliance with VDE-AR-N 4105 Standards

other photovoltaic products

  • solar modules of various manufacturers
  • Inverter Accessoires
  • substructure/supportstructure

Our partners:  RCT Power GmbH
  Work Team s.r.o.