2nd information about coronavirus

Dear customers, Dear partners

We would like to inform you about the impact of the coronavirus regarding our production in China and the consequences on customer products.
Until today we are grateful that none of our employees or relatives are affected by the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, we are under strict government regulations in order to resume operations. Every company has to put measures in place to keep the virus from spreading.
So we have received the following regulations from the Chinese government:

  1. Every company has to provide the necessary protection for its employees, mainly respirators, disinfectants, temperature monitoring and so on
  2. Employees that didn’t travel outside of Suzhou for Chinese New Year can resume work on Monday
  3. All Employees that travelled outside of the Suzhou area must remain in home quarantine for 14 days after returning to Suzhou

Current situation in our Variosystems China facility:

  • We have passed the official inspection of the required safety measures and are working since Monday, 10.02.2020 with a reduced workforce.
  • Due to travel restrictions, many employees are not able to return to Suzhou. Furthermore, they must remain in quarantine for 2 weeks after their return.
  • The production capacity is currently very limited: from week 9 on about 20% is available, after that the capacity increases weekly. From week 12 we should be able to produce at full capacity again.
  • From today’s perspective we expect delivery delays up to 6 weeks.
  • Our sales representatives will keep you informed about delayed products

Further information can be obtained from the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health via the following link:

Thank you for your trust and understanding.
Your Variosystems Team 

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