The fact that Variosystems and Solve have been working together successfully for many years was already well known. On 30 April 2020, the time had come – the cooperation was intensified and the obvious merger was finalized.

Norbert Bachstein, CEO of Variosystems, made the following statement at the signing of the contract: “Exciting engineering projects motivated me to win Solve for a partnership. The expansion in the engineering area is a clear strategy of Variosystems, but this was not possible organically in a very short time. Therefore, the step of merging was logical for me.”

After focusing on the merger of both companies over the last few months, we can now state: the organizational development is almost complete. The design engineering of Variosystems has been successfully integrated at Solve. However, there will be no change for customers as their points of contact will remain unaltered. Only the contact details of the corresponding engineering employees have been adjusted.

Daniel Gillmann, CEO of Solve Engineering, knew it even before the acquistion: “Solve as well as our customers benefit greatly from the cooperation with Variosystems and new opportunities will arise.”

Thus, the best of both worlds could be combined. The engineering competences were significantly strengthened and existing know-how was bundled. This has a strong impact in the electronical, mechanical and software engineering areas. Finally, synergy effects developed along the entire value chain for our business partners.

Our team is ambitious for future challenges. This is proven by numerous projects that have already been successfully implemented in recent months. They show that consulting and development services across the entire supply chain can increase the resulting overall result even further.

Advantages for customers

  • time to market solutions
  • cost to market
  • Flexibility for short-term changes and adaptations
  • Tailor-made products at the cutting edge of technology

In conclusion, we can say that we are on the right track, but there is still a long way to go. We learn from our customers every day, which is ultimately essential for our very dynamic market environment.

Your Variosystems team

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