Reliable electronics systems on the ground, in the air and way beyond.


Electronics manufacturing for aviation

In aviation, the highest standards also apply to electronics manufacturing. Electronics systems and applications are faced with extreme conditions and must work reliably. The required reduction of weight and volume also represents a challenge. As a comprehensive EMS partner, Variosystems is aware of these framework conditions. Our customers therefore trust in the longstanding experience and expertise that we offer you from engineering through to comprehensive electronics manufacturing.

Aviation is subject to great innovation pressure, which also applies to the electronics systems used. Because the requirements of the end customers and therefore of the passengers have increased greatly in recent years. We are therefore proud to fulfill all these requirements and to equip the aviation industry with the latest technologies. Our service spectrum includes circuit board placement for high-tech communications electronics such as real-time Internet, TV, smartphones and tablets. At the same time, Variosystems provides various controls solutions for safe aviation. For these tools for the controls of planes and helicopters, we produce for example the whole plug-in. We guarantee the faultless and reliable functioning of such electronics applications through the most progressive test methods, such as an aging test/burn-in test.

The quality of the applications used in aviation is especially important to us, because these electronics are often subject to extreme external influences such as a rapid alternation between cold and heat, along with enormous pressure differences. The Variosystems quality standard is proven by EN 9100 certification.

Throughout the production lifecycle, we therefore offer you ongoing services:

  • Controls for planes and helicopters
  • Communication electronics
  • Wire harnesses