Because use must be faultless


Electronics manufacturing for defense

When it comes to reliability, defense must be among the sectors with the highest requirements. Numerous offset programs with US and European companies have made Variosystems a very experienced partner in this field. We continuously prove this with the transfer of hightech technologies and with the consideration of new production methods. EN 9100 certification forms the basis for this.

As the “time to market” is usually limited and is subject to increasing time pressure, it is all the more important to have a competent electronics partner who supports you proactively in the realization process. Through our quality management and rapid response to design changes, Variosystems shortens the time to the market maturity of your product. This flexibility goes hand in hand with the highest quality standards that we can ensure at any time even for different product specifications.

With the Variosystems teams, who have in-depth knowledge of the special electronics manufacturing in the defense industry, we are optimally armed for the risks in the field of information and cyber security that are becoming increasingly complex and challenging in the geopolitical field. This expertise allows a service spectrum ranging from design to the manufacturing of samples and the industrialization of your requirements.

The particularities of the defense industry are subject to our strictest quality standards, we are aimed at the avoidance of defects. This strategy is supported by our internal coating capacities. From telecommunications devices and equipment to optical systems, our solutions make a decisive difference.

The Variosystems electronics manufacturing for defense comprises the following areas:

  • Communication electronics
  • Radar
  • Laser measurement devices
  • Night vision devices
  • Controls for planes and helicopters