Bienvenido a Juárez

Variosystems Mexico

In June 2021, Variosystems opened its eight production site in the city of Ciudad Juárez in northern Mexico, thereby adding another Volume Production Site (VPS). The city received its current name in 1888 in honor of the then Mexican President Benito Juárez. Ciudad Juárez is home to the tradition-steeped, myth-enshrouded “Club Kentucky” bar. According to tradition, the first, now world-famous cocktail “Margarita” was mixed here.

Juárez has over 1.4 million inhabitants and is only ten minutes away from the Texas border. The last point was one of the main reasons for Variosystems to choose the location, because the driving distance to the Southlake facility is only about eight hours. The two airports of El Paso and Juárez are also located nearby on both sides of the border. The site was also chosen due to the strong growth in demand of electronic products in the United States.

The production site currently has two SMT lines and three THT lines on 65000 ft² and mainly strengthens the Variosystems facilities in the USA as a volume production site to meet the increasing demand for electronic components. As further steps, the expansion for wire harness production and system integration is planned. Currently, 170 people are employed in Ciudad Juárez. A continuous expansion up to 300 employees is planned until 2024. Due to the global harmonization of Variosystems’ processes, the site has identical production equipment. All processes and the software and hardware tools for order processing are also standardized. This methodology guarantees customers that their products are produced to the same high quality worldwide, regardless of the production location.

Facts about Variosystems Mexico

  • 170 employees
  • Specialized in EMS
  • Larger series
  • 65’000 ft²

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