Counteracting Component Shortage with Redesigns

The headlines in the specialist media regarding supply shortages in the electronics industry are becoming more frequent. By now, we read more and more of production line downtimes, especially in the automotive industry but also in other industry sectors. Component shortage has become a fact and causes many small and medium-sized enterprises in US, Germany, Austria and Switzerland huge problems. In this case, however, “head-in-the-sand behavior” is not a helpful option. We can help you with this problem.

Variosystems has been providing information about current challenges in component procurement for a while already and we have offered our customers specific suggestions in order to minimize the planning risk. In addition to the traditional compilation of safety stocks and dual-source production of active components, downsizing / miniaturization plays an important role in passive components, especially MLCC capacitors. However, this is a very resource-intensive alternative, especially for the development department, which should rather work on innovative products to come. Furthermore, redesigns can become inevitable, e.g. due to discontinuations through manufacturer takeovers or even allocations.

Thanks to the industrialization services of our development division Solve Engineering, Variosystems can make a significant contribution to solving this resource-related conflict. Our layout specialists make adjustments to existing designs quickly and professionally. Production-optimized redesign also leads to cost savings in production.

Redesigning Result (downsized)

In this context, it does not matter if you already know the adaptations required in detail or if we are expected to submit possible adaptation proposals to you.
With our comprehensive range of services, we can – in cooperation with the purchasing and the IHS team – check the life cycle status of the components used, suggest the necessary modifications and, once the redesign has been accepted, realize for you in the desired depth.

We rely on the Altium Designer for the implementation on the electronics CAD. This tool enables us to offer you an extensive online component library with significant extra benefit.

However, we also support you on other systems. Please feel free to contact us about this.

Your Variosystems team.

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