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After Sales & EOL Services

Comprehensive Variosystems support, way beyond the order

After Sales & EOL Services
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After-sales and end-of-life service

The Variosystems range of services does not come to an end when an order is placed. As a comprehensive EMS partner, it is especially important to us to provide customers with the best possible after sales service and end of life service.

The Variosystems after sales services offer a range of decisive benefits. On the one hand, it enables our customers to return electronic components to us for any repairs or modifications, on the other hand, it is not imperative to order new components, in the interests of sustainability. This approach is therefore exceptionally resource-efficient, whilst increasing flexibility for our customers. If your products need an update or modification, you are in good hands with our after sales service. It guarantees high customer satisfaction.

Our support is supplemented by the end-of-life service. This is elementary for any electronics product, so that the lifecycle of the components and parts becomes plannable. Variosystems can actively monitor this service thanks to the HIS software and thus maintain the supply chain.

The concrete requirements placed on Variosystems can vary greatly. With our engineering, we support you in layout adaptations on more compact components, for example if the manufacturers no longer produce the larger models, or only at very high and unattractive prices (e.g. 0805 to 0402 or 0201 size). In the field of electronics manufacturing, we replace outdated components with the latest generations and integrate them into existing systems.

The Variosystems support for after-sales and end-of-life services comprises the following services:

  • Repairs
  • Warranty handling for defects
  • Proactive planning for follow-up orders
  • Regular market updates
  • Customer service & reporting

Process landscape

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Due to the modular design of our solutions, our customers use the Variosystems service portfolio very individually. As a result, cooperation often turns out differently, from support in engineering, i.e. in the innovation area, to series production and end-of-life services. The advantage of our end-to-end solutions is that they can be adapted to the customer's needs as a modular system. Fast, transparent and absolutely uncomplicated.

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