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From the feasibility study to the fully industrialized product.

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Variosystems Engineering Services

Variosystems recognized early on that many customers prefer to receive as many electronics production services as possible from a single source. On the one hand, this avoids unnecessary interfaces and communication hurdles, and on the other hand, the customer has only one contact person. With this knowledge, Variosystems built up a consulting, support and development service that is tailored to the customer’s needs. The know-how about electronics components and assemblies has been continuously built up and expanded. Customers appreciate the competent advice of the engineers as well as the high quality of the manufactured products. All engineering employees have a great knowledge of the specific requirements of a wide range of industrial sectors. This also includes industry-specific requirements and standards.

Electronics and their applications are constantly changing and expanding. That’s why the Variosystems engineering team is constantly looking at the latest technologies and increasing its know-how with targeted training. Clients benefit from this knowledge, as they are offered and developed the right technology for their requirements.  All engineering services focus on the best solution for the client. It is also in Variosystems’ interest to provide its customers with mature and marketable products, so that they stand out from the competition.

Success requires new partnerships

In recent years, customers’ need for end-to-end solutions has increased. Variosystems was overwhelmed with requests and subsequent orders. The management of Variosystems was aware that it would not be possible to expand the engineering capacity in the short time necessary to handle the increasing volume of orders. It quickly became clear that this would only be possible with a strong partner. Variosystems found this in the company Solve Engineering from Buchs SG.

Solve was founded in 2000 and has established itself on the market as an innovative and successfully operating company. With the motto “Solutions with more value” Solve underlines how the company wants to differentiate itself from the competition. Already in the past, the two companies, Variosystems and Solve Engineering, successfully executed several joint projects.

In May 2020, the time had come. Variosystem took over Solve and with this step massively enlarged its engineering portfolio. In addition to electronics engineering, Solve is also extremely experienced and competent in software engineering and mechanical engineering. Thanks to the cooperation between Variosystems and Solve, customers now have an extended range of complete solutions from consulting and engineering to the production of complete systems.

Variosystems Engineering Services include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design Engineering
  • SW-, HW- and Mechanical Engineering
  • Layout Service
  • Test adaptors, test SW, test analyses
  • Cost reduction Service
  • Re-Design
  • EMV Test, Standard conformity

Our engineering experts

Solve Engineering

What function should your product fulfill? From this point, we look for possible technical solutions - and not the other way around. With our knowledge and the experience of our partner Variosystems, we then realize your product idea, from the first sketch to the finished industrialized product.

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Solve Engineering

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