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Mechanical production

Mechanical production aids for the best product quality

Mechanical production
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Customizing mechanical production

The surge in demand for greater customization in electronic manufacturing has continued across all industries in recent years. For the companies concerned, this gives them a unique selling point vis-à-vis their competitors and consequently a market advantage. Depending on the specification of the electronics, the production resources/tools (PRT) must also be individually designed and manufactured. This is the only way to ensure an efficient manufacturing process for electronic circuit boards. Here at Variosystems, we offer this service to our customers to guarantee that their products are of top quality. The production resources and tools we have designed and built ensure optimized manufacturing processes for electronic assemblies

Optimally equipped

The ability to supply the right production resources and tools presupposes the availability of not only highly qualified personnel, but also a well-equipped machine park. Over the last few years, Variosystems has been investing heavily in machinery and equipment to realize the efficient and cost-effective supply of mechanical production tools. These investments include the acquisition of a Haas CNC milling center and a gantry milling machine. In addition, we now have the facilities for digitally plotting the various types of film such as Kapton, adhesive tapes, etc.

We design and manufacture customized mechanical components such as soldering frames, punching adapters, bending fixtures, etc. Here is an example from practice: if selective soldering is necessary for mixed population of a printed circuit board, we manufacture precisely fitting covers from suitable materials to ensure adequate protection for the SMD (surface-mount device) components. Similarly, the socket for a PCB connector can be precisely aligned for the soldering process thanks to a specially milled fit. With these and many other mechanical production tools, Variosystems offers its customers an optimal manufacturing process for top product quality.

Operating resources:
  • Machining tasks
  • Turning
  • CNC milling
Choice of materials:
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • POM (polyoxymethylene)
  • FR-4 (glass-reinforced epoxy laminate) and other PCB materials
Production resources/tools:
  • Solder frames
  • Printed circuit board support tools
  • Soldering stencils
  • Punching and bending tools for components
Data formats CAD/CAM SW
  • DXF
  • STEP

Process Landscape

You are looking for a competent electronics partner?

Due to the modular design of our solutions, our customers use the Variosystems service portfolio very individually. As a result, cooperation often turns out differently, from support in engineering, i.e. in the innovation area, to series production and end-of-life services. The advantage of our end-to-end solutions is that they can be adapted to the customer's needs as a modular system. Fast, transparent and absolutely uncomplicated.

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