Variosystems test and test procedures for the highest product quality

Electrical testing is one of the most important tasks in electronics production. We have years of experience with the latest testing technologies and want to provide you with the best solution for the required reliability of your products.

  • Optical test methods (AOI, MOI, X-RAY)
  • On-Board Programming
  • Flying-Probe Test
  • Function Test

Variosystems test and test procedures for the highest product quality

Electrical testing is among the most important tasks of electronics production. In this phase, all electronic circuit boards and components are tested thoroughly to ensure that the product functions faultlessly.

In the medical and aviation industries, as well as in other sectors, knowledge of the systematic testing of electronics-based systems is required. Variosystems provides this expertise in its end-to-end electronics production in general and in the development of suitable tests through test engineering in particular. In order to meet the highest quality standards, we are able to test all products with an optimally suited test procedure, thus avoiding unnecessary usage interruptions.

Suitable test procedures depending on the sector

The requirements for test equipment and procedures are sector-specific and product-specific. At all sites, Variosystems has a range of options such as Flying Probe test systems, Bed-of-Nail-In-Circuit-Tester, JTAG Boundary Scan solutions, function test systems and HASS temperature chambers. For these, we put together test routines customized to the product. To enable the optimal testing of a product, we develop and realize, if required, additional hardware for the test adapters. Both the setting up of application-specific test software and the controlling and assessment of external service providers are among our scope of services. As your components can be subject to a variety of environmental and ambient conditions such as electromagnetic radiation, high or low temperatures, vibrations, moisture and liquids, as well as dirt, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of test procedures in compliance with the highest quality standards.

The seamless documentation of all works carried out is very important during these tests. For Variosystems it is therefore par for the course. It comprises test logs, power supply plans, cabling lists, inventories, statistics etc. and is compiled for the customers and handed over to them as required. In addition, we provide technical support in production and testing.

Doing the right thing from the beginning through a suitable test strategy

It starts with optimal customer advice. This includes topics such as the optimal design of the circuit board and the right test strategy. Our sales team is supported by project-related specialist engineers to work out the best and most economical solution in cooperation with the customer.

Variosystems test procedures:

  • Visual test procedures, X-ray (AOI, MOI, X-RAY) – automatic, visual tests and manual visual checks
  • On-Board Programming (OBP) – programming of components during the test
  • Flying-Probe Test (FPT) – establishes e.g. defective electrical components, placement errors and short circuits
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT) in combination with a function test and Boundary Scan Test
  • Boundary Scan Test (BST) – tests digital and analog components on circuit boards
  • Function Test (FT) – tests the functionality of the board
  • Connection test / Backplane test / Wire harness test – all connections are checked one hundred percent
  • High voltage test, protective conductor test – personal safety is the top priority
  • EMV test – so that the component group works faultlessly
  • HASS chamber test – intensive tests with temperature changes and vibration
  • Vibration test, moisture test – for use in rough surroundings

Global test competence

We attach great importance to training employees on an ongoing basis and thus raising their competence. If required, we also offer seminars for external persons. The specialist support is ensured at all production sites and is not restricted to the head office of Variosystems in Switzerland. This applies both to the assembly and the maintenance of test equipment and/or test software. In this way we achieve a high global competence that in the end benefits quality and therefore the products of our customers.


Process landscape

You are looking for a competent electronics partner?

Due to the modular design of our solutions, our customers use the Variosystems service portfolio very individually. As a result, cooperation often turns out differently, from support in engineering, i.e. in the innovation area, to series production and end-of-life services. The advantage of our end-to-end solutions is that they can be adapted to the customer's needs as a modular system. Fast, transparent and absolutely uncomplicated.

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