Update 5: Current impact of the coronavirus on Variosystems

Dear business partners

Enclosed you will find a current overview of our locations – the situation may change daily:

Steinach, Switzerland:

  • Our production is running in normal operation again from May 25th.
  • All safety measures are strictly observed and controlled during operation.
  • Various employees continue to work from home.

Badalgama, Sri Lanka:

  • Despite difficult circumstances, 90% of our workforce is working in the factory or from home.
  • Our backlog should be made up over the next 4-6 weeks.
  • The biggest challenge is logistics and the procurement of materials.

Southlake, USA:

  • Company is working at full capacity.
  • Wherever possible, work is done from home.
  • The production runs in a 2-shift operation.

Suzhou, China:

  • Production is running at full capacity.
  • The day shift in production has been extended.
  • The backlog is made up.

Ludbreg, Croatia:

  • Production is in operation until further notice.

Supply chain:

  • Securing the supply chain is still the biggest challenge for all locations.
  • Material bottlenecks due to lock-down of component production.
  • Air traffic is still severely restricted.
  • Deliveries from and to China are delayed up to two weeks.
  • We are working intensively to find the best possible logistics solutions.
  • The current situation has increased all transport costs significantly. All customers have already been informed about that.

We would like to thank all our employees and especially their families for their dedication, commitment and loyalty.

This is a challenging time for all of us. With a high level of personal responsibility and mutual consideration, we will successfully overcome the difficult situation.

We wish you and your families all the best and stay healthy!

Your Variosystems Team 

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