Variosystems Acquires Solve Engineering

Variosystems AG is pleased to announce that it has acquired on April 30, 2020 the long-established service company Solve GmbH located in Buchs SG Switzerland.
With this acquisition, the relationship between Variosystems, an international Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEM), and the electronics engineering company Solve will evolve from client–service provider to a closely aligned team. Solve will continue to function as an independent company within the Variosystems group and will maintain its relationship to existing customers. The group affiliation between the two companies will allow each to leverage the synergies between the engineering and manufacturing stages of their mutual projects.

There will be no change in the contact relationship with Solve’s customers. Management of both companies are committed to maintain proven structures while pursuing continuous improvements.  For customers, this acquisition will create a greater range of project support.
They will benefit from the extensive design skills and capacity of more than 50 engineering employees of the two companies.

Motivation for the Acquisition

A key factor in adding Solve to the Variosystems family was the existing “chemistry” between both companies. Daniel Gillmann, managing Director of Solve commented, “For more than 10 years, Solve has had an active, constructive partnership with Variosystems, as reflected in a number of mutual projects and new customers. Our engineering services and the manufacturing capabilities at Variosystems were both focused on high level of excellence.”

Norbert Bachstein, Co-CEO of Variosystems, agrees with Mr. Gillmann’s assessment. “The new, closer relationship between the engineers at Solve and Variosystems will absolutely bring synergies to our “in-house” project solutions. On a personal level, I have always worked well with Dani Gillmann and his team and that added to our motivation to bring these resources together. This really will benefit our independent customers and mutual clients alike.  Our markets have an endless requirement for advanced engineering services and this merger of knowhow and skillsets will allow us to keep pace with customer needs, in a way that an organic expansion of Variosystems could not match.  The acquisition discussions and planning for the future went amazingly well and indicates shared strategic thinking and commitment to customer service.”

Meeting the Market Requirements as a Full-Service Provider

Those increasing demands from our customers will require an even earlier involvement in the cycle of new product development.  Management is convinced that this new organization will allow them to compete and win in the market for “end-to-end” solutions so critical for controlling and lowering the “Total Cost of Ownership” for our customers in the electronics sector.

The market for electronics services will be subject to even stronger dynamics in the future with new requirements and technologies, such as IoT or the digitalization of processes. In order to survive in this challenging environment in the future, Variosystems and Solve want to serve customers competently and inspire them with “Time to Market” and “Cost to Market” solutions.

Thanks to these optimal prospects, Norbert Bachstein is looking positively into the future: “We are looking forward to interacting actively with our customers, whether in the usual way or as a new team, in order to overcome their challenges and projects together. We will continue in the future to be available to them with our services and for questions and support at any time, competently and in the usual high quality”.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Variosystems AG                             Norbert Bachstein, Co-CEO                    Tel. +41 71 447 8721

Solve GmbH                                       Daniel Gillmann, CEO                                              Tel. +41 81 750 5351     

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