Variosystems Altium® Library & SVN Repository Server

Let’s remember: almost perfectly two years ago we presented our new Altium® Library and have successfully implemented numerous projects with it since then.

The SVN repository server environment and Altium® Library offered by Variosystems have led to a significant increase in efficiency in terms of cooperation over the past two years.

Already back then we knew that various competencies have to be united to develop state-of-the-art electronic products. Resulting from the challenge of ever shorter development cycles, we saw the need to optimize the partners’ cooperation in terms of time and costs and to make the best possible use of synergies.

And so the interaction was simplified: all project parties were able to work in parallel within the created server environment. While e.g. the customer makes changes to the scheme, Variosystems is already working on the layout. As a result, all changes and the project progress can be tracked on the one hand, and the tedious copying of files is a thing of the past on the other.

This approach allows the customer to focus on circuit development without having to mind the library and its maintenance.
This is also verified by Andrea Bonfanti, project manager for Hexagon:

The biggest challenge in our innovation projects is the time factor.
Passing over the responsibility for the component library to Variosystems ultimately enabled us to fully focus on the complexity of the design.

The library proved to be a highly reliable and agile solution, which also significantly reduced our internal development effort.

With the Variosystems SVN Repository Server, the cooperation both with the Variosystems layouters and within our global R&D team has been strengthened and made more effective.

Several times already this cooperation has shown and verified that Variosystems is a strategic partner for all innovation and life cycle projects in the Hexagon Group.

More advantages of our solution:

  • Easy installation of the Variosystems Altium® Library and direct access to the SVN Repository Server with just a few clicks.
  • Global access through the internet.
  • Thousands of tested schematic symbols with footprint and 3D model are available.
  • In addition to the component parameters such as name, value or tolerances, the library contains live data on inventory and price.
  • Changes to schematic symbols and footprints are managed using the SVN and released by a library manager.

By now we know that our approach of consistently identifying customer needs and quickly integrating new requirements and wants into our service portfolio has been perceived most positively. We will thus continue with this approach.

The potential new technologies have with regard to customer benefits will therefore also be evaluated in the future.

Your global end-to-end electronics partner.

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