Variosystems Group will be further strengthened

KUBEG will join the Variosystems Group 

It’s like team sports. A boost is always welcome. This is also the case with Zizers-based KUBEG.

The company, founded in 2003 with 41 employees, specializes in functional models and the express-production of electronic assemblies. In cooperation, KUBEG will be reinforcing the Variosystems group in future projects. “Why’s that?” you might be wondering now. “KUBEG is Variosystems, simply local in small-scale”.

KUBEG complements our services in designing electronic functional models. In this area, KUBEG is the perfect addition to our group. The powerful force from the Bündner Herrschaft (Maienfeld district) has also specialized in the production of prototypes and small batches, and we support each other with capacities in order to be able to serve you even better and faster.

Solve Engineering will also be present in Zizers from September

A new Solve Engineering site will also be opened in the KUBEG building, thus strengthening the synergies between Variosystems Group and KUBEG. Several service companies and contract manufacturers will be united under one roof at the headquarters of KUBEG — ideal conditions to ensure short distances, fast development cycles and direct exchange between all parties involved across various companies.

Thinking and working in a network means one thing above all: together we are stronger! But in order to benefit from the advantages a network obviously offers, it takes collaboration that is based on trust. Trust helps to address issues in constructively and to jointly eliminate problems in a pragmatic way. There is a reason why we still adhere to the principle of trustworthiness.
We are determined to continue to hold on to the philosophy of trust in relation to our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Thank you very much for relying on Variosystems and Solve.

Norbert Bachstein / Daniel Gillmann


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