Well equipped for fast product changeover on the SMT line

For our customers, we have invested in the most advanced 3D inspection technology. In order to be able to guarantee a modern and future-oriented production of electronic assemblies, we rely on the Viscom 3D-AOI of the type S3088 ultra.

The new system replaces a desktop scanner system for basic image comparison that has been used for many years as an isolated solution for prototype inspection. The new 3D AOI ensures high-precision and fast component and solder joint inspection on the production line.

A simple and time-saving generation of inspection programs is crucial for fast product changeovers. Therefore, Variosystems has entered a development partnership with Viscom, as the inspection manufacturer`s developer is working on a solution for an ultra-fast inspection plan creation. This newly designed “QuickTest” is based on 3D information obtained during the teach run of a Golden Board and transferred to the components to be inspected as standardized inspection patterns. As a result, an inspection program with an adapted inspection depth can be created in approx. 10 minutes to inspect components for existence, misalignment, torsion, etc. in 3D.

Our field test has already proven the great time saving and the very high inspection quality at the same time. This QuickTest function is part of the vVision operating software for AOI and AXI systems from Viscom.

Regardless of whether it is a functional sample or a prototype, we can summarize that we were able to make our production process significantly more efficient thanks to our partnership with Viscom.

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