2019 Launch of 5th site in Ludbreg, Croatia.
2018 Further investments in technology and capacity for high-quality products. 
New customers in the cable assembly sector for aviation and military.
In April Variosystems Sri Lanka opened a new plant with a size of over 6000 m2 for cable business (cable assemblies).
Growth of over 15% at all locations. Hired over 200 new employees making up a total of 1470 employees worldwide.
Large investments made in expanding machine capacity.
2016 Further growth of 12% at all locations. Won new customers in the aviation sector. Celebrated our 10 year anniversary in China.
2015 Do to international orders, we are having a further growth in our group and we are able to supply our customers worldwide. Our services, especially our engineering department, has been heavily expanded in order to fulfil the requirements. With our team of over 30 employees, we can provide our customers hard- and software developments. The NPI (New Product Introduction) process has been introduced in the United States, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and China. The prototypes are produced unter serial-production conditions. 
Investments for corresponding with the capacity expansion in all plants are being realized.
Variosystems Group employs more than 1'100 people.
In Sri Lanka, 150 employees use state-of-the-art machinery for the serial production of cable sets and tailor-made cables.
In order to ensure the Group's growth, more staff was already recruited and high investments in pick-and-place, welding and testing machinery were made.
Identical machinery and processes allow for transferring products for serial production to other Variosystems production sites in a miniumum of time.
Opening Ceremony of the two new Buildings in China and Sri Lanka in May & doubling of production capacity up to a total of 40 000m2.
20th company anniversary, Variosystems Group employs more than 750 people.
2012 New construction in both China until January 2013 with an area of 11'500m2 and Sri Lanka until March 2013 with an area of more than 8'800m2. With this, we want to expand in the asian market. With the two new buildings we double our production capacity. Furthermore, we have expanded our development team.
Variosystems purchases appropriate real estate for the construction of its production facility in Sri Lanka.
2010 Strong growth with expansion at all locations. 700 employees work in a worldwide network for our international customers in the 4 Variosystems locations. Their focus is on core customers and key markets.
2009  Moved into the extension in Steinach, Switzerland (End March), area of 8'500m2.
2008 Groundbreaking for Switzerland's facility addition, increasing square footage by 100%. Facility in Hangzhou begins SMD and THT product manufacturing bringing total worldwide employee count to 630. SAP implementation over all 4 production facilities.
2006 Completion of new production facility in USA, Dallas. Establishment of Variosystems Hangzhou in China.
1999 Establishment of subsidiary facility Variosystems Inc. in Dallas, Texas.
1998 Start of joint-venture with production partner in Sri Lanka. Certification with ISO 9001.
Established by 3 people. These three people are the acting CEO's and also the owners of the company.
Launches 5th Site in Croatia