RSI BOT3000E Tribometer

Since late 2013, Variosystems has had the distribution rights in Europe for all Regan Scientific Instruments products.
Additionaly, the BOT-3000E can be calibrated by Variosystems in Steinach.

Tribometer BOT-3000E 

The BOT-3000E is the most advanced, user-friendly, portable digital tribometer available. It can measure and log both the DCOF(dynamic) and SCOF(static) friction coefficient.
  • Portable State-of-the-Art Digital Technology with Large Color Display and Sealed Switches
  • Ability to Measure Most Common Indoor Flooring or Walkway Surface Slip Resistance Properties
  • Approved for ANSI/NFSI B101.3 and ANSI A137.1 Standard Test Methods
  • On-board Camera to Help Accurately Document Precise Testing Locations
  • Time/Date-Stamped Test Results Printed on Thermal Paper
  • Leather, Neolite, SBR Rubber, or other Custom Sliders Available for Wet and Dry Surface Testing
  • Tough Pelican™ Brand Waterproof and Shock-Resistant Travel Case Included
  • USB Port for Transferring Test Results (with embedded photos) to any PC or MAC
  • On-screen Graph to Help Analyze Surface Conditions
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger Included
Additional Information:

Solar Inverters

Since late 2011, Variosystems has had the distribution rights for Switzerland and Italy for all Sunways products. Moreover, we are also able to offer modules produced in Asia. We supply prime contractors, resellers, buying syndicates and large fitting companies with high-grade products for ecological electrical power generation.

Solarinverter made in Switzerland 

  • production of NT-series
  • "All-in-one": off the shelf configuration with the latest communication capabilities
  • integrated DC load break switch
  • highly efficient MPP-Tracking
  • efficient HERIC®-topology
  • Europe wide applicable
  • 5 years warranty
  • all equipments are in compliance with VDE-AR-N 4105 Standards

other photovoltaic products

  • solar modules of various manufacturers
  • Inverter Accessoires
  • substructure/supportstructure

Our partners:  RCT Power GmbH
  Work Team s.r.o.

Test | Inspection

We have the capacity to check all circuit boards using various tests, and thus pass qualitatively superior components on to our clients.

Inspection Technology

  • Automated Optical Inspection (YESTech, Viscom) - (AOI)
  • X-RAY (Xylon)

 Test Technology

  • InCircuit Test (SPEA, Teradyne)
  • Flying Probe (SPEA)
  • InCircuit Test, Flying Probe, Functional Test, Boundary Scan, Combination
  • Functional:Automated PC based, Labview or Visual Basic, Manual, combination with InCircuit Test(SPEA)
  • Burn In Test / HASS
  • Boundary Scan Test (JTAG)
  • On Board Programming
  • Backplane Test
  • Cable Test

Systems Integration | Box Build


We assemble various components into complete systems and appliances and perform the respective final test. With it, we bear the responsibility for the quality of the respective appliance or system.

  • Broad range of small manual work centers
  • semi-automatic assembly line including test
  • cycletest with different temperatures and climate (HASS test)





Through Hole | Press Fit

We produce boards on IPC-Standard A610E, Class 2 and 3.

  • Expert hand soldering, selective wave soldering and wave soldering.
  • All soldering processes are available in leaded and lead free.
  • Resistive soldering for special applications.
  • Automated component prep for all package types.
  • Vapor degreasing process for special applications.
  • Semi and fully automated Press Fit capability.