HW- and SW Engineering

Variosystems offers complete development services for software and hardware development through our own development team for clients. As such we are able to fully support our clients in the innovation process: a) introducing new technologies, b) performing product optimizations, c) implementing product modifications or d) creating products in a more economical or cost-effective manner.

We are experienced with:

  • embedded systems with and without operating system
  • LED technology
  • motor control (multiphase motors, BLDC, DC)
  • sensor technology
  • portable, battery-supplied equipment

Within the scope of realizing other projects for our customers, we were able to gain experience and expertise with the below-listed tools and technologies:

  • Keil µVision
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Microchip MPLAB IDE
  • Atmel AVR Studio
  • QT for Embedded Linux
  • Eclipse
  • Spice
  • IHS Product Cycle Analyses

When it comes to industrializing designs, we relay on layout. This enables us to realize your product concept - all the way from initial sketches to ready industrialized products. Optimized interfaces facibiitate short launching times (time to market). And early project integration, including producibility and testability analyses, allow for keeping the overall production costs (cost to market) low.