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Variosystems adds XRF material analysis

Variosystems recently acquired a Fischerscope XDAL XRF system to further improve its RoHS screening and analysis capabilities.

X-ray fluorescence is considered to be the best way to perform no destructive elemental analysis needed to ensure RoHS compliance. In fact, the IEC working group TC111, responsible for the industrial standardization of RoHS procedures, has ranked XRF as the best analytical tool for quantitative screening in RoHS (IEC 62321).

Variosystems investigation of the available XRF equipment determined that a bench-top unit provides the most stable platform for XRF material analysis in the electronic manufacturing environment. While more expensive then handheld units, the bench-top Fischerscope, provides better, more consistent results.

The Fischerscope XDAL XRF system also allows Variosystems to measure plating thickness, primarily for bare board surface finishes.

The purchase of the Fischerscope XDAL XRF shows Variosystems continued commitment to the latest technologies and the highest standards.

Member of Swiss Aerospace Cluster: www.swiss-aerospace-cluster.ch