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Variosystems Southlake Upgrades its PCB Cleaning Capabilities

Variosystems announces it’s recent acquisition of the Aqueous Technologies Trident LD Defluxing System to improve its PCB cleaning capabilities. The Trident LD Defluxing System allows Variosystems to offer its customers “Water Wash” cleaning capability, accommodating a wider range of cleaning requirements as demanded our customer’s increasing cleaning needs, which are driven by smaller components sizes, and increased circuit complexity. The Trident LD is capable of removing all flux types including Rosin, Water Soluble, and No Clean. The Trident LD is equipped with multiple award winning “Focus Wash” technology which directs more fluid flow to a concentrated area, resulting in greater impingement, even on densely populated, low standoff SMT assemblies. The Trident is equipped with real-time predictive cleanliness capabilities due to its onboard cleanliness tester automatically controlling the cleaning process, ensuring a cleanliness level that equals or exceeds your programmed settings.

The Trident LD Defluxing System is used as a closed loop (zero-discharge) system due to the Aqueous Technologies RWR-2010 Rinse Water Recycling System, which is capable of capturing, filtering, re-deionizing, and reusing the rinse water from the Trident LD defluxing system, preventing contaminated rinse water from going down the drain.

Aqueous Technologies, established in 1992, is North America’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic defluxing and cleanliness testing equipment. Aqueous Technologies has sold over 2000 cleaning and cleanliness testing systems worldwide and currently enjoys one of the highest market shares for automatic defluxing equipment. Variosystems’ partnership with Aqueous Technologies, and the purchase of the Trident LD Defluxing System shows Variosystems’ continued commitment to the latest technologies, highest standards with PCB manufacturing, and ultimately overall customer satisfaction.

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