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Variosystems Southlake Acquires Two Additional Speedline Technologies MPM Momentum Stencil Printers

Variosystems Southlake announces the acquisition of an additional Speedline Technologies MPM Momentum® stencil printer. This acquisition brings all five SMT assembly lines in the Southlake facility to the same performance level in regards to solder paste printing capabilities.
Speedline’s MPM Momentum screen printers represent the most advanced stencil printer technology currently available in the industry. With a print registration repeatability of +/- 12.5 micron at 6 sigma accuracy, stencil printing is accurately performed on remarkably small component pads with tightest tolerance, extreme reliability, and greater repeatability. Variosystems’ customers are increasingly migrating to component packages such as 0201, microBGAs, LGAs, CSP, and others. OEMs on the forefront of technology with these advanced component packages depend on EMS providers and contract manufacturers to stay abreast of these advances by utilizing advanced stencil printers together with up-to-date pick and place and reflow processes.

Aside from its advanced print registration repeatability, the Speedline Momentum printer provides interesting key features:

  • The Momentum provides 100% visual 2D inspection coverage of the print area and a capture of any deviations that are there. Speedline accomplishes this with their propriety “Rapid View” vision system that comprises of a high precision camera with extremely tight alignment capabilities, which allow the system to print perfectly. The “Rapid View” vision system is up to 3.5X faster than the standard vision system with 4 times the field of view, which makes it possible for 100% solder paste inspection on every PCB. Using the “Gerber EZ” software, it is possible to utilize your stencil gerber files to quickly define your paste inspection sites for increased accuracy and shorter programming time.
  • The Momentum provides for Automatic Support Pin Placement. This feature automatically places and removes all support pins during product changeovers for speed and repeatability. Using the “live” vision system, it is quick and easy to establish optimum support pin placement locations, which are saved into the program for future production builds for process repeatability. Each support pin has a fiducial on the top, which allows the vision system to verify correct pin placement locations before enabling machine operation, which helps to avoid contact with bottom side components. 
    Solder Paste Printing is critical to the SMT process as it can be the source of a number of manufacturing defects – voids, open solders, bridges, etc. Dealing with today’s highly advanced PCB technologies, Variosystems wants to assure its customers that the most advanced assembly systems are used on their projects in order to provide them with the highest quality products. The Process Engineers and Technicians at Variosystems rely on experience, training, and new printing systems to virtually eliminate SMT defects.



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