Life-Cycle Management

At Variosystems, lifecycle management is the key to sustainable product support and optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. Changes in product requirements can occur at any time due to disruptions in supplier markets, changes in logistics or variations in customer expectations. In these situations, it is important to make the right decisions quickly. Our teams of experts support customers in overcoming challenges and changes in requirements to ensure an efficient transition to the new development phase. Obsolescence management, design-to-cost and design-to-supply services ensure smooth and efficient product development and optimization throughout the entire lifecycle.

Obsolescence Management


Foresight ensures continuous product availability:

Our specialists work on obsolescence management with foresight to ensure the availability of parts and components throughout the entire product lifecycle. By identifying potential bottlenecks at an early stage and developing appropriate measures, product availability and quality are guaranteed, thus ensuring the long-term success of our customers.



Optimal cost structures:

By employing design-to-cost measures, we help our customers optimize their product costs without compromising on quality and functionality. Our expert teams work to identify cost reduction potential and develop individual solutions to increase the profitability and competitiveness of customer products. A key advantage here is the ability to draw on the full potential of the VARIOincubator.



Efficient supply chains for optimal product supply:

As part of our design-to-supply service, we analyze the supply chains of customer products and optimize them in terms of efficiency and flexibility. This ensures on-time supply of parts and components and minimizes the risk of supply bottlenecks and delays.

The VARIOincubator offers our customers decisive advantages in the area of life cycle management. Through a network of leading engineering and technology companies and close collaboration with experienced partners, our customers can maximize the lifetime of their products and continuously adapt to changing market conditions.
Reap the benefits of life cycle management in the VARIOincubator and create a solid foundation for the transition to the next phase of development. Learn more about our Life Cycle Management services and contact us to discuss your project.

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