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IconGlobal / 21.07.2022

Changes in Supply Chain strategies

HomeimgNewsimgChanges in Supply Chain strategies

Over the past decades, the market demands, geopolitical conflicts and cost pressures have forced companies to continually rethink their supply chain strategies. From in-house production to outsourcing, from offshoring to onshoring, there is a constant need to quickly and efficiently adapt to new demands.

The last few years have put tremendous pressure on what had been considered the standard mode of operation. In the wake of significant tariff imposition, COVID lockdowns, and record high logistics costs, the supply chain is undergoing a paradigm shift. We observed a high number of companies, operating in the North American markets, to onshore their supply chains to address the changed market conditions.

Variosystems in Mexico

While establishing a very strong supply chain in the US over the last twenty years, Variosystems has recently expanded to Juarez, Mexico as a way to support the increasing demand for onshoring. What started as an idea in 2020 quickly became a very successful endeavour allowing our customers to leverage a stable, efficient and dependable supply source.

Our plant in Mexico at a glance:

  • 70,000 ft² production facility in Juarez, Mexico, opened 2021
  • Plant offers PCBA manufacturing services, as well as box build/system integration
  • Capacity expansion in Q1 2023 for wire harness manufacturing
  • Operates in the IMMEX program under USMCA requirements free trade agreement (former NAFTA)

A turnkey solution

Headquartered in Southlake, Texas USA, our customers benefit from having dedicated US support teams managing any business requirements for all of our manufacturing sites. Moreover, our globally harmonized and digitized manufacturing and supply chain footprint allows for fast and reliable transfer process from any regions in the world. Our main goal is simple: providing our customers an easy way to take advantage of a reliable and cost effective North American supply chain.

“With a growing number of very successful transfers to our Mexico facility, our Customer Success Teams along with the NPI experts from all facilities have developed a proven recipe for rapid and efficient transfers while mitigating potential risks. We believe that adaptability to our customers’ needs while providing guidance on industry’s best practice defines Variosystems North America as clear a leader in ECM onshoring,” mentions Yves Lafortune, General Manager of  Variosystems’ North America operations.

Yves Lafortune, General Manager Variosystems North America

Trend towards more balanced supply chain setups

The trend towards more balanced and regional supply chain setups is not only seen in the North American region. Variosystems observes that their internationally operating customers review their supply chain strategies and ask for advice in optimizing their supply chains. “Our strategy is to offer our customers local regional customer success teams that speak the language and understand the culture of our customers to advise them on the best supply chain solution. Thanks to our globally integrated and digitized manufacturing sites, we support our customers in the industrialization of their electronic products at any Variosystems site in the world meeting their supply chain demands in the best interest of their requirements”, states Stephan Sonderegger, CEO of Variosystems.

Stephan Sonderegger

Stephan Sonderegger, CEO Variosystems