Variosystems is an internationally established and recognized electronics services partner in the field of the development, industrialization, production and life-cycle management of electronics solutions to leading innovators in Europe, North America and Asia. With 30 years of experience, Variosystems has established a reputation for operations excellence and highest customer satisfaction operated by a team of more than 2,500 staff worldwide.



Sparring partner for global innovators

The requirements for industrial applications & automation can be very varied. Different technologies should be applicable to different sectors. An experienced partner with expert knowledge of industry requirements and who knows what matters in detail is therefore all the more important.

A few numbers on this:
  • 35% share of sales
  • +500 industrialization projects per year

Innovative solutions for smart and connected B2C applications

The use of B2C applications has changed significantly in recent years. We are living in a highly networked world and IoT is continuing to drive the connectivity of products forwards. The miniaturization of components is also an unstoppable driver of further and new developments in entertainment electronics.

A few numbers on this:
  • +10 high-tech customers
  • +40 engineering projects
Hightech b2c electronics

Electronics manufacturing for the mobility & transportation sector

The transport sector is characterized by complex challenges and ever greater demands on electronics accordingly. It is therefore important to be able to rely on an electronics partner who can solve the array of problems. For this reason, many companies in the transport sector trust in the engineering, placement, wire harness and system integration solutions of Variosystems.

A few numbers on this:
  • 15% share of sales
  • +50 applications
Elektroniklösungen für das Transportwesen

Precision work for Medtech & Life Science

On the one hand there are your innovations and product ideas, on the other hand the expertise of our employees. Together with the quality assurance processes and technologies, these result in pioneering applications. These correspond not only to the latest medical usages and norms but also lastingly raise the level of innovation.

A few numbers on this
  • 30% share of sales
  • +700 NPI projects

High tech in aerospace & defense

In aerospace & defense, the highest standards also apply to electronics manufacturing. Electronics systems and applications are faced with extreme conditions and must work reliably. The required reduction of weight and volume also represents a challenge. As a comprehensive EMS partner, Variosystems is aware of these framework conditions. Our customers therefore trust in the longstanding experience and expertise that we offer you from engineering through to comprehensive electronics manufacturing.

Variosystems Aviation

Green energy and smart infrastructure thanks to sustainable electronics systems by Variosystems

The energy industry is subject to strong social and political change. As an electronics supplier that highly values sustainability, it is therefore especially important to us to make a significant contribution to renewable energy resources.

A few numbers on this:
  • +20 projects with leading energy companies
  • 800 kW of electricity is continuously produced by our own solar systems
Electronics for green energy

Across our organizations globally and in collaboration with our customers and partners, we strive for being the most sustainable electronics services partner, actively contributing to a better future for the people and the earth.

Stephan Sonderegger
CEO Variosystems

Your Electronics Partner

End-to-End Electronics Solutions

We define ourselves as an end-to-end electronics partner because we want to offer our customers the best know-how across all electronics services. As a fully comprehensive EMS partner, this means competently serving our customers along the entire product life cycle. This is guaranteed by the technology expertise of our employees as well as the backup capacities in processes and facilities.

Your Advantages:
  • 100 percent customer focus
  • Tailor made solutions
  • Global Harmonization
  • One Variosystems contact person
end to end electronics partner

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You are looking for a competent electronics partner?

Due to the modular design of our solutions, our customers use the Variosystems service portfolio very individually. As a result, cooperation often turns out differently, from support in engineering, i.e. in the innovation area, to series production and end-of-life services. The advantage of our end-to-end solutions is that they can be adapted to the customer's needs as a modular system. Fast, transparent and absolutely uncomplicated.

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