ESG Variosystems

Renewably powered

Each phase of our expansion in Sri Lanka has prioritized solar power, now totalling over 15,000 m2. This feeds electricity back into the Sri Lankan grid.

Towards net zero

With production and logistics making up our main scope 1 & 2 emissions, we are focussed on improving efficiencies across our operations. In 2022, our Reshoring Initiative resulted in a 437 tCO2e carbon reduction, equivalent to 21,850 trees growing for one year.

87,000 KWh solar power generated per month
-22% reduced CO2 footprint for logistics
70% of total waste is recycled.

Variosystems Core Value: Responsibility

We act responsibly to create an equitable future for the people and the planet. For us, sustainable growth means a maximum respect for resources and all people involved when offering electronics services along the entire value chain.