An employer with integrity

For over 30 years, we have prided ourselves on being an equitable and fair employer, and a wonderful place to work. Our increasingly low LTIF and turnover rates are testament to this. As a global employer, our HR teams tirelessly work to pursue these highest standards across all our sites.

Responsible supply chains

As a company with a global reach and extended supply chains, we are aware of our role to act responsibly in various locations. We regularly qualify and audit our suppliers and partners to ensure they meet our ESG requirements. To further strengthen all these aspects, Variosystems has established a new corporate ESG organization, in which each Variosystems site globally appoints an ESG representative who is  responsible enforcing our ESG policy.

59% decrease in LTIF between 2020-22

Variosystems Core Value: Integrity

We believe technology works best in the hands of the right people. We strive to empower the success of customers, stakeholders, and all members of the Variosystems family.