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Electronics manufacturing for medtech & life science applications - experience and precision, when it counts

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Electronics manufacturing for medical applications

On the one hand there are your innovations and product ideas, on the other hand the expertise of our employees. Together with the quality assurance processes and technologies, these result in pioneering applications. These correspond not only to the latest medical usages and norms but also lastingly raise the level of innovation.

When it comes to medical applications, the highest precision is a key requirement for us, whether it is for the development of diagnostic devices, circuit board placement (PCBA) or the assembly of finished products. For years, Variosystems has stood for reliability and the highest precision in the field of medical technology. The ISO 13485 certification is therefore a matter of course for us.

In both the development and realization of medical technologies, we cooperate very closely with our customers. They benefit from the pool of Variosystems expertise. Apart from our customary manufacturing competences, we of course support you in quality assurance and the necessary regulatory requirements for medical products. A contact person accompanies you throughout the entire value-added process, supporting and advising you at all times.
To ensure the transparency of these processes and meet the highest quality standards, we employ global traceability, self-developed testing facilities and specially trained employees.

To be able to act as a global EMS partner for medical technology, several of our sites are certified according to ISO 13485. This provides us worldwide with the capability of optimizing our processes according to patient experiences and of producing reliable and technologically advanced products with the necessary care, together with industry innovators.

For medical applications Variosystems offers the following manufacturing services:

  • Wearables
  • Homecare devices
  • Respiratory devices
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Operation robots