Social impact

Significant donations from Variosystems Sri Lanka have positively impacted thousands of children at rural hospitals in Sri Lanka, including dental and eye operations and a liver transplant for a young child.

Community impact

Variosystems China conducts regular public welfare activities, with volunteer employee teams and their families went picking up litter at popular local hiking spots. This meaningful activity is well-received by employees and locals alike.

Disaster response

In late 2020, Croatia was hit by a devastating earthquake, with material damage running into millions several fatalities. As a show of support, 7000 HRK was donated to a family in Sisak as help with rebuilding efforts.

86% of our employees believe sustainability is important
57% of our workforce is female

Variosystems Core Value: Courage

As industry pioneers, we have always been first-movers and provided the spark for continuous innovation. Boldly choosing to do right, we co-create sustainable solutions, providing certainty in an uncertain world.