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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Global flexibility of the highest standards for your printed circuit board assembling / PCBA

  • SMD Assembling
  • THT Assembling
  • Coating and Potting
  • Testing and Inspection
Variosystems printed circuit board assembly
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PCBA by Variosystems

Our printed circuit board assembling offers customers worldwide the advantage of being advised and supported throughout the process by a contact person on site. From the product idea to industrialization, the experts from Variosystems are at your side as an experienced end-to-end partner. Depending on the requirements, we select the ideal production site for your products or components.

A circuit board is not just a circuit board. It depends whether the application requires the manufacturing of rigid boards, flex, flex-rigid or multilayered circuit boards. Variosystems will take care of this for you. Or you might require the assembly of large-sized circuit boards. Variosystems will take care of this for you. We are also the right partner for the assembly of complex components such as package-on-package components (PoP). Our customers often ask for a “high mix low volume” circuit board production, in other words a manufacturing process with many different models in small quantities. A further strength of Variosystems.

Thanks to the latest machine fleets, equipment and process harmonization at all our production sites, we guarantee the highest quality standards for your products and components. It is also our aim to extend our horizons daily and to realize innovation together with you as a partner. For these reasons, we at Variosystems are capable of offering printed circuit board assembling with a variety of manufacturing methods.

SMD assembling - Always the right technology to hand thanks to the Variosystems SMD assembling options


As part of miniaturization, the assembling of 01005 manufactured sizes, FPGAs and fine-pitch components is gaining importance for industrial applications. Previously used more in the consumer sector or in the automobile industry, technologies such as wearables in medical applications are demanding an even greater packing density of the components on circuit boards. In SMD assembling (surface-mounted device), elements can be place on a circuit board fully automatically. Through this computer-controlled technology, we also enable BGA assembling(ball grid array) for Siplace systems, which allows the application of e.g. casings on the circuit board – in the interests of space-saving placement.
Thanks to several manufacturing lines for SMD assembling at our worldwide production sites, we have sufficient capacity and, in particular, are situated close to customers. We can therefore guarantee short response times.

THT assembling - Cannot do without it


Whilst SMD assembling has some advantages compared to the THT method (through-hole technology) when it comes to production rates and costs, THT assembling is still used for larger components of performance electronics such as transformers, electrolyte condensers, performance semiconductors etc. We see a distinct advantage of THT assembling in the careful manual work of our highly qualified employees, who apply components precisely and reliably on the circuit board using the latest equipment. You decide whether ultimately selective or wave soldering is used.

We can also provide you with mixed assembling, THT and SMD. The right THT manufacturing method, unleaded or leaded, is determined by your application. We produce, test and supply.

Variosystems PCBA services include:

  • SMD assembling
  • THT assembling (unleaded or leaded)
  • Coating and Potting
  • Testing and Inspection

You are looking for a competent electronics partner?

Due to the modular design of our solutions, our customers use the Variosystems service portfolio very individually. As a result, cooperation often turns out differently, from support in engineering, i.e. in the innovation area, to series production and end-of-life services. The advantage of our end-to-end solutions is that they can be adapted to the customer's needs as a modular system. Fast, transparent and absolutely uncomplicated.

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