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Reliable electronics, when every second counts.

Elektroniklösungen für das Transportwesen
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Your trusted electronics services partner for mobility & transportation

This is a dynamic sector undergoing leaps forward and structural changes, particularly with the rise of electro-mobility. This places ever more demands on the electronics which make it all possible. For this reason, many companies around the world place their trust in the precise engineering and attention to detail of Variosystems.

Electronics for transport and mobility must meet a variety of strict requirements. With use cases encompassing not only rail transport and shipping, but also construction and agricultural vehicles, robustness and reliability are absolutely key. Thanks to three decades’ experience crafting solutions for transportation, we are intricately aware both of the challenges of the industry and its highest quality standards. Combining innovative manufacturing and testing methods, we achieve the flawless functionality of built-in electronics. Depending on the requirements, we offer visual inspection procedures (AOI, MOI, X-RAY), Flying-Probe Tests (FPT), HASS chamber or vibration tests, and more. Our pursuit of operational excellence enables our customers to remain leading innovators in transportation, wherever they are in the world.

As a full-spectrum partner, Variosystems supports you from prototype to series. Our VARIOincubator team are ready to co-create with you, while the VARIOplatform takes care of series production all along the entire value chain. Get in touch today to see how we can support your mobility and transportation solutions.

Highest-quality electronics services for:

  • Wire harness systems
  • Wire harnesses
  • Track security and signal displays