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Connecting the dots between electronics and sustainable tech.

Electronics for green energy
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Your trusted electronics services partner for smart infrastructure & environment solutions

With increasing awareness of the climate crisis and net zero strategies, green tech is undergoing a revolution. At the same time the rise of smart cities, IoT, AI, and ever more complicated infrastructure is testing technological boundaries. As a future-oriented company prioritizing sustainability, we are proud to connect the dots between tech innovation and electronics services.

The smarter technology gets, the less the margin for error and the greater the need for precision. With decades of cross-industry experience, we are answering the call as full service electronics partner – whether co-creating the tech of tomorrow or rolling out today’s solutions. Our VARIOincubator experts help nurture the seeds of an idea through to rapid prototyping, while our VARIOplatform takes care of series production and life-cycle management according to ISO 14001 standards and sustainable goals. The entire process is overseen by our Customer Success Team, supporting in each phase and on call to implement any changes in a fast-paced environment.

Sustainability is part of all our processes. From maximizing the lifespan of components to end-of-life management, we are co-creating the future-fit electronics of tomorrow. And with harmonized global operations, customers can expect the highest level of service and quality wherever they are.

Highest-quality electronics services for:

  • E-charging solutions
  • Building access control solutions
  • Inverters