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Impulstag 2023

30 Years Variosystems: Impulstag 2023
HomeimgNewsimgImpulstag 2023 – three decades of expertise and a journey through the VARIOexperience

30 years of expertise and a journey through the VARIOexperience


“The VARIOexperience is all about the satisfaction of our customers. We provide them with the support they need with our services as co-creator, doing this globally through local supply chains along the entire value chain. We achieve this through close collaboration with our customers in a value-based culture,” CEO Stephan Sonderegger pointed out at the “Impulstag” on September 14th in Steinach. This year’s event was dedicated to 30 years of Variosystems and the start of a successful future.

Approximately 100 attentive guests eagerly absorbed insightful presentations and discussions on development, industrialization, production, and life cycle management. They mingled over coffee and croissants, sharing business cards, discussing opportunities and challenges in the electronics industry during breaks and lunch. The day concluded with a delightful aperitif on the sunlit terrace.

A journey of success

Co-founder Norbert Bachstein welcomed the assembled audience at the 6th “Impulstag” and set the mood for its two mottoes: “30 years of Variosystems” and “VARIOexperience”. While some customers and partners had already been guests at previous Impulstag, for others it was the first time. Twice as many as before were present in 2023, and for the first time there was a stage and a parallel program. Following the opening, the audience was taken on a journey through the VARIOexperience in the talks given by the speakers. In addition to and after these fascinating insights, there was also the opportunity to take part in guided tours that gave visitors an up-close look at the production facilities.

The project managers from ECO MEDICS, Hexagon, Helbling, compliant concept and BRP-Rotax spoke about how successful collaboration with Variosystems and Solve Engineering can look in practice and what factors are decisive. Peter Jegart of Future Electronics talked about current developments and prospects in the electronics industry.

Everything from one source

ECO MEDICS, a medical technology company, benefited from the full range of services offered by Variosystems in the development of a new pulmonary function monitor. Efficient process was ensured by electronics and firmware engineering, production, procurement and life cycle management from a single source. “Such a complex project requires an overall concept and good communication. That is what we got from a single source at Solve Engineering and Variosystems. The physical proximity was also a great benefit,” Dirk Wendt of ECO MEDICS told us.

The expertise in product development and the fast and efficient industrialization required compliant concept. A spin-off of ETH Zurich, it specializes in the use of robotics in nursing care. Together with Variosystems and Solve Engineering, compliant concept was able to consolidate device firmware, optimize sourcing, materials and manufacturing processes to reduce manufacturing costs. “Perfect interfaces between development and production make all the difference,” Stéphane Kaus of compliant concept stated with conviction.

 Efficiency through transparency

In the case of Hexagon‘s coordinate measuring machine, production costs were reduced by over 20 percent within two months owing to the open, honest cooperation. Together with the Hexagon team and development partner Helbling, Variosystems was responsible for industrializing the product with Solve Engineering. “The focus was on the people factor from the very beginning, which was more important for success than the individual technical competencies. In a self-organized, open and agile team, we were able to network and leverage our skills effectively,” reported Andrea Bonfanti, R&D Manager at Hexagon.

Secure global supply chains

“Trust, transparency and a long-term strategy are the basis for our joint growth,” said Michael Waschl, Supply Chain Manager of BRP-Rotax. Since 2009, the vehicle and engine manufacturer and Variosystems have successively intensified their business relationship. BRP-Rotax relies on long-standing secure supply chains and nearshoring. Together with Variosystems, its wire harness production in Sri Lanka has been gradually expanded, and a production hall has recently been built in Mexico.

Integrity, courage & responsibility

Finally, organizational developer Patrik Neff spoke about the nature of values, their importance in everyday work, and fruitful value tensions. In an interview with CHRO Christine Peter, Norbert Bachstein and Stephan Sonderegger explained why we at Variosystems define ourselves primarily by integrity, courage and responsibility, and what role these values play in a successful future. “The open culture is evident every day, as we boldly venture into new adventures, working together. It’s really fun today, just like 30 years ago. Only if we live our values as a team can we make our customers happy in the long term,” said Norbert Bachstein. Stephan Sonderegger added, “Our customers take the spotlight as leading innovators, while we stand as their partners in the background.”

Impressions from Impulstag 2023