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Assuming Responsibility towards People and the Environment

HomeimgNewsimgAssuming Responsibility towards People and the Environment

Professionals have known it for a long time: natural resources are not infinitely available. In industry, manufacturing companies in particular have to assume responsibilities. They should ensure that valuable materials do not end up in landfills, but are recycled wherever this is possible. The electronics industry, which is driven by innovation, is particularly challenged in this regard. Consequently, Variosystems has been pursuing a consistent policy of sustainability for years. An important aspect of this is the end-of-life services. The present article informs you about what these end-of-life services are about.

What does “end-of-life services” mean? In summary, it stands for a holistic view of the ecological, economic and social aspects and their effects. These are the essential criteria that also facilitate sustainable success in other corporate divisions. This also means there has to be feedback from the processes and negative experiences also lead to improvements in the processes. Only companies that manage to strike a balance between the need to make profits and use all resources sparingly will enjoy a leading, strong market position in the future. Our after-sales and end-of-life services in particular make a decisive contribution to this.

Various Disciplines

The holistic view of a sustainable end-of-life service means that a company should include all aspects of sustainability in the product lifecycle. This is not limited to the timely discontinuation of components that will no longer be available in the near future (Obsolescence management).

Environmental Management

Variosystems is certified as per international environmental management standard ISO 14001. This includes the process for the continuous improvement of operational environmental protection and thus also of the entire environmental management system. The method aims to keep corporate environmental protection at an environmentally friendly level and to continuously increase it. Moreover, it allows for involving employees more actively in the organization and making better use of their “local” knowledge. Thanks to a higher level of identification with the company, they are therefore more motivated at work.

Further advantages for customers and companies are, for example, the reduction of pollutants and so lower pollution of the environment as well as an increase in legal security through the fulfillment of legal requirements and conditions.


A holistic approach not only takes into account aspects of responsible corporate development, but also regards time as a decisive criterion for sustainability. Variosystems’ sustainability strategy includes reducing the consumption of natural resources and thereby saving costs and continuously expanding the areas of after-sales service. Both companies as well as end users benefit from active environmental protection.

Not fulfilling the requirements will in the mid-term lead to considerable extra costs which are usually passed on to customers. For instance this unfulfilled requirements may be missing or inadequate permits or violations of the law with criminal and civil law consequences. This leads to higher costs for the company and makes smooth processes significantly more difficult. In addition, when quoting and awarding contracts, clients are increasingly demanding compliance with environmental requirements.

Building up Trust

Gaining customers is one thing, retaining them is another. With its comprehensive range of services, Variosystems, as an end-to-end partner for electronics production, offers perfect end-to-end services. An on-site after-sales service is an important tool to ensure that customers continue to receive the best support after the goods have been delivered. It serves to support and advise customers to the best throughout the entire product lifecycle. This makes the customers trust in the fact that Variosystems takes their special needs into account and reacts appropriately.

Variosystems’ after-sales and end-of-life services at a glance:

  • Obsolescence management
  • Material compliance (RoHS, Reach, conflict Minerals, Prop 65, etc.)
  • Repairs and modifications
  • Redesign of electronic assemblies, cable sets and devices
  • Storage of critical components
  • On-site support

If you have any questions about after-sales or end-of-life services, please do not hesitate to contact our sales experts.

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