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IconGlobal / 09.02.2022

Winds of change at Variosystems

HomeimgNewsimgWinds of change at Variosystems

Over the past two years, the Covid pandemic has turned out to be yet another push factor behind digitization. Working from home, or indeed from any other location, has now become established as standard practice. Over and above the increased needs of the automotive, medical and manufacturing sectors, this is yet another major reason why global demand for electronic products continues to surge. Against this background, the Variosystems management board took the decision earlier this year to massively expand production capacity in Sri Lanka and Croatia in order to meet customer demand for reliable, high-quality end-to-end solutions.

Significant expansion in Sri Lanka

Variosystems’ largest volume production site in Sri Lanka (1,200 employees) will double in size to 15,000 square meters. Of this total, 12,000 square meters will be given over to new production space, equivalent to a 100 percent increase in output. Variosystems is investing around CHF 10 million in this expansion of buildings, machinery and infrastructure. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on 20th January 2022, and the construction phase is scheduled for completion in April 2023. The new production hall on the existing campus will be used to expand both electronics and cable assembly for additional manufacturing capacity. Variosystems aims to create 600 new jobs on site over the next three years. With this development, we are strengthening our presence on the Asian market and, thanks to this massive expansion of volume production, we will be able to optimize service to our global customer base.

Varaždin rolls out red carpet for Variosystems

Early in the new year, Switzerland’s ambassador to Croatia, Emilija Georgieva, together with the country’s Consul General in Croatia, Slobodan Mikac, and representatives of Variosystems were given a warm welcome in the town hall of Varaždin by mayor Neven Bosilj and his deputy Miroslav Marković. There was good reason for the cordial reception, as the company had just signed the purchase agreement for a 26,700 square meters plot of land in Varaždin’s Brezje Industrial Park where a new factory will be built. The town is only 20 minutes by road from an existing 1,200 square meters site in Ludbreg where Variosystems already has a production facility. The first phase of development will see construction over an area of 5,200 square meters, of which 4,000 will be dedicated to production and warehousing. The construction phase is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2023, with production commencing shortly thereafter.

Mayor of Varaždin, Neven Bosilj (left) and his deputy Miroslav Marković (right) the Swiss Ambassador to Croatia, Emilija Georgieva (2nd from right), Croatia’s Consul General to Switzerland Slobodan Mikac (2nd from left) and Variosystems General Manager Croatia, Dario Germann (center).